Company Profile

1.Background information of the Firm:

Design Point (DP) is a reputed firm in the infrastructure development in design sector of Bangladesh, established in 2008 with the vision of offering services for designing, construction and supplying.

1.1 Organizations and Management:

The company is technically & financially sound. The technical personnel of DP bring with widely diversified experience in both technical and administrative aspects of their respective fields

Design Point has on its payroll, adequate number of Designer, Engineer, office stuff, supervisor and other technical person who are specialists in respective fields
All technical and administrative activities of the company are supervised and monitored by the Head of Operation, full-time professionals with long and outstanding career in the field of design sector.

1.2 Technical Resources:

For interior & exterior, graphics contracting works, the division provides a broad range of technical services according to project needs. These service include computer aided engineering (CAE), computer aided drafting (CAD), Auto Desk Max, Auto Desk Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, materials contral / inventory management, quality assurance (all of which are computer based and intergrated) and specialized architetural and graphics software packages.
A total project pacage may cover initial feasibility studies, front end and detailed design, procurement construction, commissioning and preliminary startup services, or it may only entail operator and plant hire to suit a particular client’s needs.
In order to meet the complete range of client and project requiremets, DP employs professinally qualified engineers from requisite disciplines, supported by a team of experienced draftmen, interior designer, graphics designer, estimators, procurement officers, planners, safety supervisors, industrial relations supervisors, quality assurance supervisors, and accounting, systems and administrative person. The DP team has up-to-date knowledge of applications of modern information systems and technology in the construction industry